Jeffrey Friedland's Commentary on California's Cannabis Industry

Jeffrey Friedland discusses the challenges of California's legal cannabis market and the state's evolving regulations.

Jeffrey Friedland is CEO of FC Global Strategies LLC. FC Global Strategies provides services and programs to early-stage, and entrepreneurial growth-oriented companies in the US and globally. The firm’s primary focus is on the cannabis, hemp, CBD, renewable energy, and technology sectors.

FC Global Strategies’ services for the cannabis, hemp, and CBD industries include:

Services for hemp growers and processors.

Services for cannabis growers, processors/extractors and dispensaries/retailers. Services for manufacturers and marketers of products that include CBD.

Services for institutional, family office, private equity, and venture capital investors with cannabis, hemp or CBD portfolio companies.

Services for Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) companies interested in adding hemp seeds, hemp seed oil and/or CBD to food, beverage, nutritional supplements, and cosmetics.

Detailed information on these services is available at

FC Global Strategies publishes FC INSIGHTS, videos and articles providing news, commentaries and most importantly opinions on the cannabis, hemp and CBD industries. FC Global Strategies also publishes its FC Global’s State Hemp and CBD Tracker, which provides current information regarding state regulations affecting the hemp and CBD industries.

FC Global Strategies is headed by Jeffrey Friedland, the author of Marijuana: The World’s Most Misunderstood Plant, which is available in print and Kindle editions on

FC Global Strategies' Website:

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