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Willie Nelson’s “Willies Remedy” is Rolling Out CBD-Infused Tea


Willie’s Remedy, a CBD company that was co-founded by Willie Nelson is now rolling out its line of CBD-infused loose teas.  


Willie’s Remedy previously launched its CBD-infused coffee, CBD tinctures, and CBD “soothing balm.”


This summer Willie’s Remedy’s introduced to the market its black and green teas. The company is now adding to its product line with hibiscus berry, chamomile, and peppermint, all of which are non-caffeinated flavors.


Each 3-ounce package of tea contains approximately 300 mg of CBD, resulting in about 15 mg of CBD per cup. 


Willie Nelson’s co-founder, Elizabeth Hogan, stated, “Tea is a ritual with which people are already familiar. We know how tea works in our lives so adding a version with the benefits of hemp creates an approachable, understandable and shared occasion.”




Willie Nelson was an early participant in the state-legal cannabis industry with his Willie’s Reserve brand. Willie’s Reserve’s website states, “Legends aren’t made they grow. That’s how Willie Nelson became the Red-Headed Stranger. How his tour bus became the Honeysuckle Rose. And how his stash became legendary.”


For Willie Nelson, expanding from a state-licensed cannabis product line to a CBD brand is a logical move. The challenges of attempting a national rollout for a cannabis brand are monumental in having to have the product grown, produced, and sold on an individual state basis by license producers.


In contrast, the Willie’s Remedy CBD product line can be sold online and nationally, and a national marketing strategy can be implemented.


CBD is an early-stage industry with thousands of companies seeking to establish themselves. Influencer marketing is key to many companies’ challenges in attempting to differentiate their company and products from other competitive products. 


While influencer marketing strategies often fail, it’s clear that Willie Nelson is at the top of the list of cannabis influencers, providing Willie’s Remedy with a clear marketing advantage.


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