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Jeffrey Friedland to Speak on "New Money for New Hemp and CBD Ventures" at the Third Annual CBD Outlook

April 25, 2017


Jeffrey Friedland will speak at the Third Annual CBD Outlook. The event will be held on Sunday, April 30th at the Pueblo, Colorado Convention Center.

Jeffrey Friedland will speak on "New Money for New Hemp and CBD Ventures." He will also provide complimentary copies of his book, "Marijuana: The World's Most Misunderstood Plant" to event attendees. (The book is available in print and Kindle editions at Amazon.)

Other speakers at the Third Annual CBD Outlook will include Dr. Sue Sisley, Director of the Scottsdale Research Initiative; Martin A. Lee of California-based Project CBD; Dr. Malik Hasan, Founder of NuVue Pharma; Lauren Harris, of Seattle-based COWA Sciences; Veronica Carpio, Founder of Grow Hemp Colorado; David Bush of the Denver-based Hoban Law Group; and Dr. Michele Ross of the Denver-based Impact Network.

Other topics presented at CBD Outlook will include Hemp, CBD, and the Farm Community; The Quest for Proof: Signs of Research Progress – A Doctor’s Perspective; A Conversation with Barry Lambert of Australia's Lambert Initiative for Cannabinoid Therapeutics; and a Legal Roundtable on hemp and CBD focused on Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and GW Pharmaceuticals issues. 

In commenting on his participation at the Third Annual CBD Outlook, Jeffrey Friedland stated, "Hemp has been an important agricultural crop for thousands of years. Prior to President Obama's signing the 2014 Farm Bill, it had been illegal to grow hemp in the US for more than sixty years. Only recently have the medical and health benefits of cannabidiol or CBD, which can be derived from both the hemp plant as well as marijuana, become known. Investors have taken notice of this new industry and the benefits of CBD, and despite the legal and regulatory challenges, investor interest in this new industry is continuing to grow." 

For more information on the Third Annual CBD Outlook, including ticket information, please visit http://www.hempsupercap.co.

 About Jeffrey Friedland


Jeffrey Friedland is an emerging market pioneer -- his firm, Friedland Global Capital, was one of the first American investment banks to establish a presence in China -- and is now on the front lines of the cannabis industry as an investor and business owner.  He is an author, speaker and thought leader on emerging markets, the global economy, and the cannabis industry.

In his book, Marijuana, the World's Most Misunderstood Plant, Mr. Friedland dives into the world of marijuana, discussing what we know and what we still hope to discover. The book is available in print and Kindle editions at Amazon, http://www.amazon.com/author/jeffreyfriedland.

Mr. Friedland was an owner of two retail marijuana stores in Colorado which were located in the mountain resort towns of Breckenridge and Crested Butte, and a marijuana cultivation facility south of Steamboat Springs, which were featured in CNN's eight-part, reality series, High Profits.  

He is also CEO of privately-held INTIVA Inc., which has operating businesses and investments in the cannabis industry in California, Colorado, Israel, and Canada.

He is a board member of Israel-based CannRX, a company focused on the development of cannabis-based pharmaceuticals in Israel.

Mr. Friedland is a member of the advisory board of OWC Pharmaceutical Research (Stock Symbol: OWCP). INTIVA Inc. made an early-stage investment in OWC Pharmaceutical Research during the summer of 2014. (OWC Pharmaceuticals has developed and completed clinical trials in Israel for a CBD-based creme for the treatment of psoriasis.)

Mr. Friedland is an early-stage investor in Israel-based, Israel Plant Sciences Ltd. (IPS), a company that is participating in Israel’s innovative agriculture and medicinal plant sectors and other agricultural related technologies. The company has four subsidiaries in Israel focused on cannabis.

Jeffrey Friedland is also the CEO of Friedland Capital, which was formed in 1982.
Mr. Friedland has been the chief executive officer and a director of a NASDAQ listed financial services company, a director and chairman of the audit committee of a New York Stock Exchange listed company, and chairman of a company listed on the EU-regulated market of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange.

Mr. Friedland has been featured or quoted in numerous publications including the Wall Street Journal, Reuters, the New York Times, Bloomberg Television, USA Today, Verslo Zinios (Lithuania), Vercernji (Croatia), International Business Times, the South China Morning Post, the Guam Daily Post, the Forward, the Jewish Week, Quartz, the Jakarta Globe, Israel Daily Television, NBC.com, Breitbart, and Forbes.

Jeffrey Friedland is a regular contributor to the monthly CannaInvestor Magazine (http://cannainvestormag.com).

Jeffrey Friedland's website is www.jeffreyfriedland.com.

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